The images on this site are organized in two ways.

Lost Marbles All That Jazz New Horizons Broken Rainbows Strange Vacations

Firstly, there are general collections of images, grouped according to some kind of very general thematic element or shared appearance or a combination thereof.  These groupings were conceived as a way of introducing the very wide variety of images Painting With Water can produce while still giving viewers some sort of cohesive element to focus on, avoiding a scattered and chaotic presentation.  The five original collections are:

And there is one recent addition:


Special Series
Sky, Line The Inspired Arsonist The Blue Mast Mountain Marbles Pushing on a String

As well as these overview collections, I sometimes have the good fortune of finding a spot and a window of time where the lighting and water remain unchanged long enough to allow me to capture multiple images of the same subject, texture and color scheme.  In these cases I put the photographs into a special series of very similar, yet still unique, images.  Currently available series are:

Look for new ones in the "What's New?" section!

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